What does my purchase include?
All purchases include one high resolution front cover image in ebook format only.



Will anybody else be able to buy my cover?
All covers are sold to one customer only, guaranteeing you a completely unique design.



What size and format cover will I receive?
Final cover will be delivered in the following format: one JPEG file with dimensions of 1563 x 2500 pixels and 72 dpi, RGB.



Do you offer paperback covers?
No, I do not. In order to remain cost effective, I offer premade ebook covers only.



Do you offer custom designs?
Unfortunately not.



Do you own the right to use the images present in your covers?
Of course! I have a subscription with a stock house that allows me to create inexpensive designs.



Is there a cap to the number of copies of my book I can sell?
I use stock from Depositphotos. This means there is no exposure cap on your cover. You may sell as many copies as you are able.



Who owns the art on my cover? What are the legalities of my purchase?
Covers created using stock photography contain non-exclusive, standard licensed images whose copyrights are maintained by the original photographers. All license agreements include the right to use cover designs for personal marketing and promotional purposes only. Fair use includes: book covers, graphic banners, blogs/articles, and social media promotion. Any commercial use, such as resale, is strictly prohibited.




I have more questions.
Fantastic! Feel free to email me anytime at ambermfeldkamp@gmail.com


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