Services and Pricing

All prices reflect pre-made cover designs.
For pricing and details on custom covers, please read through the Custom Covers page.

Basic Front Cover in ebook and POD format: $35

 The base rate for all pre-made cover designs is $35. This price includes the following:

unlimited revisions
1563 x 2500 pixel – 72 dpi RBG .jpeg file
6.125″ x 9.25″ – 300 dpi RBG .pdf file
background art sans text
editable .PSD file
un-manipulated stock photos

This price does not include anything more than the front cover of the purchased design.


Full POD Cover ($25 add on)

AugustFFull covers for print are available for an additional charge of $25.
Front and back covers sized at 6.125″ x 9.25″ to account for bleed.
You MUST include page count for an accurately sized spine


3D Book Covers ($15 add on)

3dsampleThree dimensional cover designs are available for an additional $20.
Covers are delivered in two designs, as displayed above.
3-D covers delivered as large, transparent files that can be resized to fit client’s needs.


Promotional Banners ($10 add on)

AugustFPromotional Banners are available for an additional $10.
Banners can be made to buyer’s specifications, featuring blog tours, release date, etc.
The price reflects the purchase of one banner style formatted to fit both Facebook and Twitter.
Price includes:

851 x 315 pixel .jpeg file for Facebook
1500 x 500 pixel .jpeg file for Twitter


The Everything ($75)

If you would like to purchase a full POD cover, 3-D design, and promotional banners, you may do so at a discounted rate of $75.


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